MSPBA Program

Graduates of the MPBA program will be able to:

  • Assess, revise and create sound ethical and legal policies and procedures that benefit an organization and its stakeholders.
  • Identify and propose innovative and dynamic solutions to common business problems in the broader context of an evolving healthcare industry.
  • Discuss payer contracting and network strategies as they apply nationally and regionally to the business.
  • Read, interpret and interrelate key financial statements.
  • Utilize contemporary methods to assess inputs for valuation models, the impact of risk on valuation, and how valuation models help in decisions related to capital budgeting, asset acquisitions, and the capital structure of corporations.
  • Develop and utilize a managerial budget to maximize organizational efficiency including expense reduction strategies to support rational managerial decision-making.
  • Discuss the influence of changing technologies, public policy directives, and competitive requirements as they affect decisions relating to staffing, compensation, employee relations, and human resource development.
  • Assess and create a standardized and defensible business plan for a new pharmacy or healthcare product or service.
  • Discuss and employ proper choice of pricing, packaging, advertising, selling, and distribution of products.
  • Identify and discuss operational and tactical aspects of multi-facility network management, as well as its strategic implications including the intricacies of the underlying tools, methodologies, and decision-support systems.
  • Apply information technology (IT) to increase effectiveness, support decision-making, cooperative work, organizational competitive advantage, and inter-organizational communication.
  • Demonstrate effective interpersonal skills as they relate to various constituents.
  • Manage a project and team effectively including personnel, finances, clients, and policy.
  • Gain, enhance and utilize adaptive leadership skills.
  • Demonstrate industry knowledge in chosen focus area.
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